Competitive Events Guidelines

HOSA Handbook Section B - The HOSA Competitive Events Program:

A necessary instructional resource for HOSA chapter members and the local Health Science teacher/HOSA advisor is Section B. Section B provides all current information pertaining to the HOSA Competitive Events Program to enhance leadership and technical skill development in the classroom and to guide competition at the local, district/regional, state and international levels.  This publication includes General Rules and Regulations; specific Competitive Events Guidelines (including competency based performance rating sheets); and Competitive Event Appendices - all pertaining to administration of, preparation for and participation in HOSA competitive events.
Updates: For more information on guideline updates, please see item #46 in the General Rules and Regulations.

Middle School Events 


Secondary and Postsecondary/Collegiate Events 

Health Science Events


Health Professions Events

Emergency Preparedness Events


Leadership Events



Teamwork Events


Recognition Events



National Geographic Learning Academic Testing Center 

(Secondary, Postsecondary/Collegiate and Alumni)


**Student must be classified under the provision of the 2004 reauthorized Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to participate.