Executive Council


Elizabeth Carnesi
National President

HOSA members embody the core values that HOSA-Future Health Professionals believes in. They lead, learn, serve and innovate to better prepare themselves and others around the globe. Elizabeth Carnesi, the 2016-2017 National HOSA President, is excited to help others develop as leaders as they travel a career path towards becoming future health professionals.

She attends the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University and is pursuing a double major in Psychology and Justice Studies with a minor in Philosophy. Elizabeth’s future career goals include serving others and working in an administrative role in the health professions. Outside of class, she sings in the Arizona State University Women’s Chorus, likes to learn about parliamentary procedure and enjoys reading books on leadership, health and fiction.

This will be Elizabeth's fifth year of membership with HOSA—the organization that helped to develop her into the leader she is today. She desires to give back to HOSA as it has provided opportunities for herself and millions of other members around the nation and the world.

The next year will be one defined by new ideas, terrific growth and sparking the passion for HOSA-Future Health Professionals in countless ways. Elizabeth is excited to serve the membership and the organization filled with great diversity, intelligence and determination, she knows this year will be one that goes down in HOSA history. 

Priya Rathakrishnan

Live, breathe and lead with passion. This is what HOSA-Future Health Professionals allows each of its members to do all around the world. Priya Rathakrishnan is excited to serve as your 2016-2017 National HOSA President-Elect and looks forward to sparking a passion that will lead all of HOSA’s members to success.

From Duluth, Georgia, Priya is a sophomore at Emory University majoring in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology on a pre-health track. As a six year old, Priya knew she wanted to be involved in the health community. During her elementary and middle school years, Priya did the best she could in school, knowing that it would help her achieve her goal of becoming a Future Health Professional.  She also began to serve the community  volunteering at the public library and at various school functions.

In high school, Priya wanted the opportunity to not only become as involved as she could in the surrounding community, but also make a difference in the health community; as she was searching for her chance to grow her passion for the medical field, HOSA opened its doors to her, and she immediately joined and became an active member. Outside of HOSA, Priya is a South Indian Classical singer, plays tennis and will watch The Lion King any day since it’s her favorite Disney movie! Being her sixth year in HOSA, Priya has served as the Lambert HOSA Chapter Secretary and President and the Georgia HOSA State President-Elect and State President.

Priya aspires to become a pediatric neurosurgeon and she is inspired by a quote from John F. Kennedy: “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” Her passion for HOSA and the medical field is never-ending. Now honored and privileged to serve on the National Executive Council, Priya hopes to continue learning and making a difference in this manner, while further encouraging and motivating numerous other students to do the same! 

Jada Holliday
Region I Vice President

“If one can do anything, then two can change the world.” This is a quote that Jada Holliday has been encouraged by and is what inspired her to take action within in her school, church and various organizations she is involved in. Jada loves to serve her community. She has been tutoring elementary children since she was a freshman and this year her students graduated from elementary school. Jada also serves in her community’s health clinic alongside her mother. This summer she is serving as a junior candy striper at the St. John’s Medical Health Hospital. She is caretaker for two children with special needs and they embody all that she is and why she wants to pursue pediatrics in her future.

Jada is a senior at Broken Arrow High School in Oklahoma. She aspires to attend college in her future and major in Biomedical sciences with a track on pre-medicine. Jada has been awarded the Rachel’s Challenge Kindness Award and she serves in various clubs at her school. Jada is entering into her second year of HOSA and already has created a lifetime of friendships between her members and her team. Jada says her favorite memory from HOSA was Oklahoma’s fall leadership conference and being elected as Oklahoma’s State President. Now, as your National HOSA Region 1 Vice President, that is her favorite memory.

Jada has always enjoyed creating smiles through conversation or song. Jada has been singing since she could speak and playing the piano since she was three years old. Jada loves entertaining all those around her and singing with her officer team. She loves to laugh and happiness is a key value for her. Being in HOSA, has showed Jada that happiness lies within the members and the relationships, and that is why she loves HOSA. Jada lives in a family of ten, seven brothers and no sisters, Jada understands that relationships, communication and laughter are what keep a family together and that is why she joined HOSA; because that is all that HOSA is.  Jada feels she is extremely blessed to be serving as your National Region 1 Vice President. 

Holly Hardin
Region II Vice President

Coming from a very small town in the state of Alabama, Holly Hardin is extremely hopeful for her future. She has been an active member in her local HOSA chapter, serving as president for the past two years. Holly is a rising freshman at the University of North Alabama with an intended major in pre-med. Her career goal is to become a neonatologist.  

Holly has held several leadership roles in her high school career. She was involved in many extracurricular activities in addition to HOSA such as basketball, cheerleading, track and field, Beta club, Spanish club, Science Club, Lions club, and Robotics.  Holly has a passion for adventure. She loves a day on the lake participating in water sports and traveling to new places.

Another passion of Holly’s she has embodied since middle school is the world of health. At this year's first International Leadership Conference she was elected as Region 2 Vice President. She hopes she will bring a unique aspect to the first international executive team by having not served as a regional or state officer. Holly is confident that with that in mind, she will be able to offer a different perspective on the National Executive Council. She is looking forward to see what is in store for HOSA this year.

Abraham Onifade
Region III Vice President

Abraham Onifade believes that HOSA-Future Health Professionals provides opportunities for members. As one who has always been troubled when tasked to narrow his future, HOSA provided him with opportunities to obtain a new perspective towards finding a career path. He is proud to be serving as your Region III Vice President for the 2016-2017 year.

Abraham Onifade was raised in Paterson, New Jersey and discovered HOSA through his high school, Passaic County Technical Institute. His journey began with multiple setbacks in the organization ranging from competitive event losses to self doubt and feelings of inadequacy. However, with the help of close advisors and proper guidance he began to find his way to success. These experiences have molded him towards inspiring others to keep chasing their dreams, and encourage members to achieve their goals.

His sophomore year, he successfully ran a campaign to be New Jersey HOSA’s Member-at-Large. He would go on to win his next election to be New Jersey HOSA's Vice President. This year he will be attending the Gallatin School at New York University in New York to pursue a degree in individualized study where he will work to create his own major based off his personal interests. Aside from day-to-day studies he participated in his school’s wrestling team for three years and track & field team for four years. 

Khalil Tubbs
Postsecondary/Collegiate Vice President

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest until your good becomes your better and your better becomes your best.” Khalil Tubbs, the 2016-2017 National HOSA Postsecondary/Collegiate Vice President, is excited to inspire every HOSA member to push harder, run faster, reach higher and ultimately be the best they can be.

From the town of Battle Creek, Michigan, he graduated in 2014 from Battle Creek Central High School. While in high school he attended the 21st century health program at the Calhoun Area Career Center his junior year. As a part of this program Khalil went to Bandeen Orthodontics on a clinical rotation where he was later offered a employee position. It is his dream to finish dental school and return home as a orthodontist to give back to his community.

Khalil currently attends Western Michigan University as a junior studying biomedical sciences. He really enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and his three brothers Khafonn, Khaheem, and Michael.

As he embarks on his fifth year as a member of HOSA it is his goal to make this year one for the books, not for himself but for the members. 

Angeli Sharma
Secondary Board Representative

When people reflect on their years in high school, they often think about the friends they made, the trips they went on and the lessons they learned. For Angeli Sharma, your 2016-2017 National Secondary Board Representative, HOSA captures the best of all her high school memories.

Angeli Sharma is from New Jersey and will study neuroscience and healthcare policy at Duke University. This year will be her fifth year in HOSA and she is looking forward to serving the members. Her love for the health professions has been evident ever since she was a child performing first aid on her injured dolls. HOSA has ignited a passion that she hopes to share with others throughout the year.

She hopes to become a physician and bridge the gap between healthcare policy and medicine.  Her favorite quote by Albert Einstein is, “There are only two ways to live life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” It helps her remain positive and always look at the bright side of things. Outside of HOSA, she loves to volunteer, debate, dance and golf. 

Shawnee Chaudhury
Postsecondary/Collegiate Board Representative

HOSA's passionate membership makes Shawnee Chaudhury, your 2016-2017 Postsecondary/Collegiate Board Representative, so enthusiastic about serving. She is currently studying at Rutgers University- New Brunswick, majoring in Health Administration and minoring in Biological Sciences. Her goal is to one day work her way up to becoming the CEO of a hospital.

This is her seventh year in HOSA and she is excited to represent the Postsecondary/Collegiate Division. She fell in love with HOSA her freshman year of high school and her love for this organization has grown every day. She hopes to spread that spark throughout the division so that everyone can find their own inner leaders. Ronald Reagan's quote, "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone," inspires Shawnee and she wants all members to feel like they can make a difference.

Her favorite question anyone has ever asked her came from a local officer at a HOSA conference. She asked Shawnee, “Why are you so happy all of the time?” The question immediately caught her off guard. She thought, “Am I happy all the time?” but then she realized that she was happy because HOSA is home to her.