A Message from the Executive Council

Dear HOSA Members, Advisors and Partners:

In the past couple of months, we have seen major challenges in the global health community. For many of us, this is a moment we never could have imagined but we continue to be inspired by healthcare providers who put themselves at risk daily on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We know now, more than ever, the value of the technical knowledge and skills as well as the leadership and teamwork skills developed, practiced and refined as members of HOSA-Future Health Professionals.

We have been inspired by HOSA members supporting each other, volunteering, and donating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) through local chapters.

In these uncertain times, we know there may be those who feel defeated, disheartened, or discouraged.  We seldom observe situations as traumatic in healthcare, and we should be mindful of those coping with constant challenges and change. We understand that everyone’s situation is unique and they are impacted differently.  We have learned to listen as future health professionals and we hear you!

Some may feel defeated with the cancellation of conferences, elections, workshops and competitions. Each of you should be proud of everything accomplished in 2019-2020. Take this time to reflect on the goals achieved, incomparable lessons learned, and friendships that will stand the test of time. Know that your HOSA Journey is far from over!

As future health professionals, we must remember to make a positive impact on the global health community. Through this pandemic, it is important we learn valuable lessons in seemingly impossible situations—each day we notice that frontline providers working together are starting to defeat a horrid virus! Use your experiences gained or observed to influence others to make smarter and healthier decisions as learned through HOSA.

And, know through this indescribable attack, Team HOSA is committed to being available to you. As we head Towards Tomorrow, continue to be a positive force we know you to be as a HOSA-Future Health Professional.


Keep yourself and others safe and healthy,
Your 2019-2020 Executive Council