Competitive Event Useful Tools

Be sure to also read the General Rules and Regulations and CE Appendices for important information related to CE. 

2020-2021 CE Updates and Changes: 

Information will be posted July 15, 2020

2019-2020 CE Updates and Changes:

19-20 CE Preview PowerPoint (October 6th version)

19-20 CE Preview Handout Summary (October 6th version) (Word version click here)

19-20 Medical Reading Books

HATS Instruction Sheets

Tallo and Competitive Events

  • Used for Clinical Specialty, Community Awareness, Health Career Display, Health Career Photography, Health Education, Healthy Lifestyle, HOSA Happenings,  Interviewing Skills, Job Seeking Skills, Life Support Skills, Medical Innovation, MRC Partnership, Organizational Leadership, Personal Care, Public Health, Public Service Announcement, Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking and Speaking Skills. 
  • Please visit our special Tallo page for details

Selecting an Event and Preparing:

19-20: What Competitive Event is Right for You? A flow chart that asks students questions to help them determine the best competitive event for them.

19-20: Gotta Have it Chart

19-20: Master Competitive Event Resource List A list of all the books and online resources used for each event

19-20 Event Characteristics Profile A summary chart showing the components of each event

19-20  Competitive Event Abbreviations  A list of the event abbreviations - helpful listing of all events in the HOSA CE Program. 

19-20 HOSA Week Proclamation 


Event Samples: 

Competitive Event Samples

Sample Forensic Science Case Study

Sample Parliamentary Procedure Problem


HOSA Bowl Seeding Charts: 

HOSA Bowl Seeding Chart - 32 Competitors
HOSA Bowl Seeding Chart - 16 Competitors
HOSA Bowl Seeding Chart - 8 Competitors

Curriculum Resources:

National Health Science Standards Competitive Events Crosswalk 

Common Career Technical Core Crosswalk

Competitive Events and the Common Core State Standards

HOSA--Project Lead The Way Biomedical Science Curriculum Crosswalk

HOSA--Project Lead The Way Middle School Crosswalk

NAF Academy of Health Sciences Curriculum Crosswalk

STEM Crosswalk

Event History:

Medical Reading List History

Other Events - History of Topics