Medical Reserve Corps

The Youth Engagement Toolkit has been designed as an easy-to-use and accessible resource that will allow the user to easily educate themselves about youth engagement with in public health and the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC).  These various guides and resources will guide the user-either a student, a student advisor, or a MRC unit leader – to build a relationship between youth and their MRC, and also gives various ideas for where to begin.  The goal is to improve partnerships and increase community health and resilience by involving youth within the realm of public health and emergency preparedness.

Resource Guides

These guides help establish the who, the what, the why, and the how.  Choose the guide specific to your audience to learn about what the MRC is, why youth should be involved in public health and the MRC, and how to start the process. 

Advisor Youth Engagement Guide

Student Youth Engagement Guide

MRC Unit Leader Engagement Guide

Quick Start Guides

Don’t know where to begin?  These Quick Start Guides have background information on a variety of topics.  Choose a topic, read through the guide and implement one of the suggested activities as a project!

Children's Health Quick Start Guide

Chronic Diseases Quick Start Guide

Preventative Health Quick Start Guide

Activity Bank

Find more ideas for youth engagement activities within the MRC in this section.  The Examples of MRC and HOSA activities come from previously successful MRC/HOSA partnerships, and would be a great place to start looking for ideas.  The Small Starts, Big Successes Activities are ready-to use activities that can engage children to learn about emergency preparedness.

*These documents are used with the permission of their creators.  Please provide credit when using them.

Examples of MRC and HOSA Activities

Emergency Preparedness Treasure Hunt

Family Game Night: Preparedness

Lesson Plans

Find ideas to bring Medical Reserve Corps into the classroom with the lesson plan link below. Also included is a link to a Medical Reserve Corps Online Scavenger Hunt.