HOSA Leaders Attend Health Science State Leaders Luncheon

On January 28th, Vivian Do, HOSA President, was honored to attend the Health Science State Leaders Luncheon in Las Vegas, Nevada along Janet Villarreal, HOSA Inc., Board of Directors’ Past Chair.

Vivian was honored to be able to sit in on round table discussions about Perkins V implementation and hear about how different states with different types of support create sustainable Health Science Programs. At this conference, Janet Villarreal shared important HOSA updates such as the Training for Advisors at the Local Level (TALL) Program, information from the HOSA Board Meeting, as well as the upcoming International Leadership Conference in Houston, Texas.

Vivian had the opportunity to share her HOSA journey through Health Science Education as she helped give the student perspective on career technical education. She described how Career Technical Education helped her on a journey of self-discovery to find her passion for healthcare and helped her friends do the very same. Vivian explained it is when HOSA and CTE are used co-curricularly it becomes an empowering tool for students to find a community, have a place for growth, and an opportunity to gain all the skills needed to be successful. On behalf of HOSA members and Health Science students across the United States, Vivian extended a thank you to the Consortium and for the State Health Science Directors and Leaders that do all the behind the scenes work to make our education a reality.

During the day, participants of the conference were able to participate in simple LEGO Leadership activities that taught the power of creativity, resilience, and collaborative thinking, showing educators how one can maximize their dollar using everyday objects to teach important leadership concepts.

A special thanks to Dana Stringer, HOSA Chair-Elect, for representing HOSA at the National Consortium of Health Science Education (NCHSE) Annual Board Meeting.

HOSA thanks the Health Science State Leaders Association and NCHSE for their partnerships and what the rest of this school year has in store for health science education!