HOSA Blog: Member Engagement & HOSA’s Service Project
HOSA Blog: Member Engagement & HOSA’s Service Project

HOSA Blog: Member Engagement & HOSA’s Service Project

By: Vivian Do, President-Elect

A great way for you to get your members engaged is get them involved with this year’s service project, the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. One way you can become involved is for you to sign up to become an ambassador for NPCF by visiting www.nationalpcf.org/hosa/ with this you can get access to various fundraiser ideas. Here are some ideas to get you started on spreading awareness for pediatric cancer!

  • Hold a Paper Cranes for Cancer Project
    • There is a belief that folding 1000 paper cranes results in a miracle or for a wish to be granted, as a result many people tend to fold paper cranes to present to a pediatric cancer patient to give them hope.
    • Here is a link to a written instructions and a video showing you how to make a paper crane Origami Crane Instructions
    • This is a great activity for you to do with your chapter to possibly gift to a pediatric cancer patient or to share on social media, along with a pediatric cancer fact to help spread awareness.
  • Tear Down Cancer Challenge
    • California HOSA created a challenge to help spread awareness for pediatric cancer.
    • To participate write a type of pediatric cancer on a piece of paper, state a fact about that cancer.
    • Then say “Let’s tear down cancer by _______,” don’t forget to tag a friend or another chapter and to use the hashtag #teardowncancer
  • Host a Pediatric Cancer Awareness Week
    • This is a great opportunity to use all of the previous activities!
    • In addition, you can create flyers to hand out, poster to put up around school, or even host a guest speaker.
    • Have a Yellow for Pediatric Cancer day where your chapter wears yellow to spread awareness of pediatric cancer.
    • There are so many other activities you could include as well like Pediatric Cancer Jeopardy, a card making session for kids with cancer, or even holding a fundraiser.

If you have other ideas to get involved with the NPCF, don’t forget to email your idea it to an Executive Council member!