Federal Health:  A Global Vision Beginning in Your Community
AMSUS 2020 Annual Meeting

Federal Health: A Global Vision Beginning in Your Community

Are you interested in a career in Public Health?  Would you like an opportunity to learn and collaborate with health professionals focused on advancing federal, public, and global health?  If so, this is an unbelievable opportunity you will not want to miss.  
As you explore careers as a physician, nurse, physician assistant, dentist or dental technician, pharmacist or pharmacy tech, psychologist, health care executive or whatever your medical career dream may be, you will have the opportunity to learn about innovative medical advances and superior practices in patient care and health administration as you attend the 2020 AMSUS Annual Meeting VIRTUAL.
AMSUS, The Society of Federal Health Professionals, is an educational association that supports the federal health professional and honors the legacy of federal medicine’s tremendous impact in advancing and improving health for all Americans and international coalition partners.
HOSA-Future Health Professionals has had the opportunity to be represented the last several years at the AMSUS Annual Meetings and the feedback has been tremendous.
Dates:      December 6-10, 2020
Cost:        HOSA members are complimentary guests of AMSUS
What is great about the 2020 Virtual AMSUS Annual Meeting, HOSA members can experience all breakout sessions and poster presentations.  And AMSUS is making the platform available until December 24. 
Opening: Monday, December 7 at 10 AM EST.
Workshops & Presentations: With more than 200 breakout sessions and 200+ poster presentations, HOSA members can search for topics that interest them. Here is a sampling of some of the breakout sessions and poster presentations that might be of interest:
  • National Pandemic Response New York City
  • The Value of Military Graduate Medical Education
  • A Comprehensive Overview of the U.S. Army Dentistry response to COVID-19
  • Forging Medical Students Into Military Physicians: Operation Bushmaster Provided the Framework for a New Identity
  • USPHS Officers Deploy to Japan in Response to COVID-19
  • A Global Perspective on Oral Health
  • Pharmacy Services at Javitz New York Medical Station: A Joint Services Collaboration
  • Updates on Recommendations for Smoking and Vaping in the Current Environment
A full listing of poster presentations:
(The link will ask for first name, last name, email address and event code.)
Promo code for HOSA members: AMSUS2020
Registration Deadline: December 10 (final deadline)
Full Schedule: The full AMSUS schedule can be found on the AMSUS website – a specialized HOSA schedule will be finalized and forthcoming!
To view recommended presentations that will be helpful to HOSA members in a variety of curriculum areas, click here.


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