National Technical Honor Society


In January, 2004, the HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors approved a partnership with the National Technical Honor Society. The goals of the partnership are to:

  • Promote educational excellence.
  • Build a positive image for career and technical education.
  • Reward higher achievement among HOSA members.
  1. HOSA advisors who wish to participate in this partnership when NTHS chapters do not already exist in their schools will follow the written process for establishing a chapter of NTHS in their school, which includes submission of a charter application and approval from school administration.
  2. From the point of charter submission, HOSA advisors will follow the standards established by the NTHS for nominating HOSA members to be members of NTHS and advising a chapter.
  3. NTHS will award six $1000 scholarships at the HOSA National Leadership Conference in June, 2014.
    1. Two scholarships will be awarded to secondary members or postsecondary/collegiate members.
    2. Candidates must be an active, dues-paying members of both HOSA and the NTHS in order to be eligible for the scholarships.
    3. Applicants for this scholarship will use the HOSA Scholarship Application and participate in the established HOSA Scholarship selection process.

Instructions for submitting a charter and the charter application form are linked below.

NTHS Application