HOSA’s 2021 Virtual ILC Vault What Inside HOSA’s 2021 Virtual ILC Vault…..

HOSA’s 2021 Virtual ILC Vault What Inside HOSA’s 2021 Virtual ILC Vault…..

Tightly secured behind HOSA’s vault doors lies information to shed light on HOSA’s 2021 Virtual International Leadership Conference.


HOSA’s “informational vault” is unlike any other – it holds HOSA’s VILC information for Success! Within is new and exciting information about VILC that will be shared in a timely manner. You will want to follow vault releases on ILC.hosa.org and social media (#HOSAVault) as HOSA News Blasts, best practices for advisors, tips for student success in competitions and other conference announcements will be released regularly. Unlock Your Potential and be ready for 2021 VILC!

Opening General Session and Live Workshops: The Virtual ILC Speaker will be revealed through HOSA’s ILC Vault in the upcoming weeks. You will not want to miss this announcement.

The more than 24 live, interactive workshops will be made available as they are finalized on HOSA’s website, along with 50-plus additional workshops available for HOSA members!

Additional VILC Opportunities resulting from Competitive Events
Numerous VILC experiences have been developed as a result of conversations with new and existing partners as a way to engage ALL HOSA members in this year’s VILC!

Get Ready to Explore!
Introducing the MindTap Simulation Center
At HOSA’s Virtual ILC!

National Geographic Learning/Cengage is hosting a 3-day hands-on simulation experience across Health Science Careers with the exploration of scenarios, skills, and procedures. VILC delegates will be able to explore over 190 simulations and practice real-world skills, while at the same time be able to compete in a Scavenger Hunt Challenge with the opportunity to win scholarship money. Additional information will be released soon.

Reminder: Have your members to register for the National Geographic Learning Academic Testing Center for Future Health Professionals – one ACT test is available with each registration fee. Additional ATC tests are charged at a cost of $20 per test with a maximum of four ATC tests. They will compete against hundreds of HOSA members in academic tests across 15 topics that are crucial for professional success in health care. You will want to ensure all HOSA members participate!

New Demonstration with Anatomage.
HOSA is partnering with Anatomage to demonstrate anatomy using Anatomage’s digital human cadaver platform. Teams will be tested on knowledge of anatomy, anatomical systems like muscular, digestive, respiratory, skeletal bones, and the heart.

  • HOSA Member Anatomage Team Tournament
    (Two divisions: (1) Middle School Division
    (2) Secondary and Postsecondary/Collegiate Division)
  • HOSA Advisor Anatomage Team Tournament
  • Anatomage Championship Round

Each chartered association will be able to enter competition teams to compete in each division category to become the Anatomage Champions!

Will the Anatomage champions be middle school, secondary,
postsecondary, collegiate or advisors?
(watch for additional details!)

Body Interact Virtual Patient Challenge.
This is another opportunity for our members to compete in teams with other schools for the opportunity to showcase knowledge about clinical patient cases. The Virtual Patient Challenge will present simulated patients that interact with participants and respond in real-time to interventions and treatments. Teams will problem solve and discuss potential case diagnosis as they work through real-life patient examples in a unique simulation.