HOSA Certificates

We are excited to provide HOSA chapters and Members with the ability to personalize and download membership and chapter certificates. At the 2014 HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting the Board decided they wanted to provide chapter with easy access to the HOSA 100 Club and HOSA 100% Affiliation Certificates. The decision was also made to change from providing a membership card to providing a customizable membership certificate. Membership will be able to enter their name with the chapter charter number and then download a certificate with their name on it. We are hopeful that the certificate is valuable for their graduation portfolios or the memory books. HOSA believes this new membership certificate provides greater value to the member by allowing it to be personalized.

If you need assistance in generating your certificate please let us know.

Member Certificates

Enter your Chapter's Charter Number along with the Name of the Member in the fields below to generate a Member Certificate.