Run the Event

Timekeeper Logs:

These are files that the timekeeper completes in each section as each competitor/team competes. They give HOSA valuable information about how long each competitor takes and the topics that are being researched/presented. These are vital at the international level to help ensure the time allowed in our events is adequate, but may also be useful at the state level to gather similar data. 

Event Flowcharts:

Flowcharts are used in Forensic Science, Creative Problem Solving/Dynamic Decisions, and Parliamentary Procedure to help these events run on time. 

Seeding Charts for HOSA Bowl and Biomedical Debate:

Event Summary Forms:

These files are used as a communication tool between event personnel and HOSA Management/Tabulations. They summarize the details of what happens in each section (Section Summary) and then the details of everything that happens in the event as a whole (Master Event Summary). If it vital to have documentation about all events. These track information such as no-shows, team substitutions on-site, dress code violations, process violations, etc.