HOSA Alumni Confirmed as Deputy Secretary

Former National Officer, Marko Mijic, confirmed as Deputy Secretary, California Health and Human Services Agency

On March 17, the California Senate voted unanimously to confirm thirty-three-year-old Marko Mijic as the Deputy Secretary, Program and Fiscal Affairs, for the California Health and Human Services Agency. 

Marko Mijic served HOSA-Future Health Professionals as National Region I Vice President in 2005-06 representing the State of Utah.  He graduated from Northridge High School with Kristen Davidson as his local HOSA advisor.  

Marko came to the United States at the age of 11 as a refugee with his family, speaking no English, and working hard throughout his entire life to help his family and be a role-model to others.

During the confirmation process and during the Senate Rules Committee hearing, he noted how his commitment to public service is “rooted in the idea that government can and must look to build an equitable, just, and tolerant society.” Members of the committee questioned Mr. Mijic on subjects such as foster care, impacts of the public charge rule, budget proposals relating to homelessness, and they were also very interested in hearing from him about California’s response to Coronavirus. Mr. Mijic briefly walked them through the Health and Human Services Agency’s activities including working with their local partners in counties and cities, health care providers, and schools and universities, and he noted that though it was an evolving situation, he felt California was prepared and ready to respond to the novel virus. 

Mr. Mijic also received unanimous confirmation by the Senate Rules Committee in February of  2020 before his recommendation was sent to the Full Senate.

Veronica, his wife of five years, and Marko have one son, Lukas, who is 2 years old.  

HOSA-Future Health Professionals congratulates Secretary Marko Mijic on his recent appointment!