Write a letter or… Asking for financial support makes some people really nervous. Try not to think of it as asking for money but rather providing an opportunity to invest in the future of healthcare. HOSA chapters spend a lot valuable time selling random stuff to attend HOSA conferences. In addition, many organizations are looking for ways to financially support their community. Why not provide local industries a chance to support the great work you're doing? 


GO straight to the source… Sending a letter may reap a few extra nickels for your chapter. However, the likelihood of receiving financial support from an organization increases exponentially when students share their story in person. Few things are more compelling than a group of young people demonstrating their passion for a quality cause. Furthermore, it is a lot harder for a person or organization to say no when you are asking in person. Write a letter to kick things off but request the opportunity to speak in person. Nerve racking as it may be, you will find it's worth the effort.


Here's a that chapter officers can rewrite. Good luck!