From the Vault: Tallo Opportunities for VILC

From the Vault: Tallo Opportunities for VILC

Tallo Opportunities are now LIVE for Virtual ILC! If you have advanced to the VILC and your event requires a digital upload, you have between April 15– May 15 to submit your content. There are 17 events that require material to be uploaded to Tallo – portfolios in events like Community Awareness, Health Education, and MRC Partnership; photos for Health Career Photography; video links for Public Service Announcement; and the list goes on! Competitors should check event guidelines to determine if their event requires an upload – and the full listing can also be found here.

Remember, even if you uploaded materials for your state conference, you must UPLOAD AGAIN for VILC. A video has been created to help competitors upload their Tallo content.


Middle School competitors – Since Middle School competitors are not able to use Tallo, these event uploads must be submitted via the links embedded in the event guidelines. Middle School events with unique submission links include:

  • Exploring Medical Innovation
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Health Education
  • Health Career Preparation
  • Health Career Display
  • Speaking Skills

Be sure you check the event guidelines and follow the instructions for uploading your digital content.

ALL UPLOADS ARE DUE by Midnight EDT on MAY 15.