Sricharan Pusala - President Elect

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

Excited to work on a team of diverse, innovative, and passionate leaders, Sricharan is honored to serve as the President-Elect of HOSA-Future Health Professionals. A sophomore at the University of South Florida, Sricharan is dual majoring in Biomedical Sciences and Pre-Med. He plans to pursue a career in medicine by combining his experiences from school and HOSA to apply what it takes to progress medicine as a physician leader. Sricharan has been invested in HOSA for the past five years and values the impact career technical education can have on students of all ages. Sricharan’s main mission this year is to serve the members of the organization by helping others to unlock HOSA’s full potential. Sricharan is a firm believer in the idea of “putting in what you want to receive.” He hopes to motivate all HOSA members to give it 100% so HOSA can give 100% to them. Sricharan encourages all HOSA members to step out of their comfort zone to try something new, take the extra step to build a new connection, and take advantage of all opportunities HOSA has to offer. Outside of HOSA, Sricharan loves to dance, garden, and keep up to date with rising technologies. Sricharan is ecstatic for the unprecedented future ahead and ready to help you find the keys to unlock your full potential. 

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