Shreya Shrestha - Western Region Vice President

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” -Mark Twain.

Shreya, much like Mark Twain, believes in the power of finding purpose in life. HOSA has given her purpose since her freshman year of high school. Now, an incoming college freshman on a pre-med track at the University of Colorado Boulder, Shreya maintains the same passion for the organization that made her the person she is today. Her involvement at the local and state level have helped her find her voice and confidence as a leader, and now, she is beyond excited to bring her ideas to the international platform as a member of the Executive Council! As an officer, Shreya intends to strengthen the HOSA community online and in-person, with the hopes of helping others discover the same sense of belonging and inclusion she found through her experiences in HOSA. A natural introvert, Shreya understands the struggle of putting yourself out there and finding your people. She wants to assure fellow members if she can do it, anyone can! She encourages members to take risks and be open to every opportunity in their HOSA journeys for that is the only way to truly unlock your potential. Though she is still exploring her career options in healthcare (the field is vast, commitment is scary), she knows for certain the skills and experiences she has gained through HOSA will help her wherever she may land. Beyond making HOSA a personality trait, Shreya is an avid environmentalist, Grey’s Anatomy binge-watcher, and snack enthusiast. She can also be found volunteering at her local hospital, sipping cold brews at cute cafes, hiking, and obsessing over the beautiful Colorado sunsets. Shreya is thrilled for the opportunity to serve the organization that has given her so much and she cannot wait to work with members to create a year of laughter, leadership, and lifelong HOSA memories!

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