2020 Virtual ILC Conference Highlights
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2020 Virtual ILC Conference Highlights

HOSA-Future Health Professionals conducted the 43rd annual Virtual International Leadership Conference (VILC) with 7,300 members, advisors, judges and guests on June 24-27, 2020.  HOSA was represented by 51 chartered associations including  a judge from London and competitors from Canada and China!

As we reflect on 2019-2020 and all that has happened, this year has asked a lot of us all.  Our lives have been upended and disrupted with the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing fight against systemic racism.  But no matter what the challenges were, they were met with confidence, persistence, dedicated time, love for communities, and strength.

And through it all, chartered association state winners kept their focus, vision and worked hard in order to be able to celebrate their accomplishments at HOSA’s Virtual International Leadership Conference – an outstanding achievement!

As future health professionals, we all somehow, in some way, want to make life better for other people.  We all have one goal in mind:  to help people live better lives!  Every HOSA member has the opportunity to inspire, motivate and push for societal reforms that truly move all of us.  The time is now to Unlock Your Potential through HOSA-Future Health Professionals!

HOSA’s 2020-2021 Theme:  Unlock Your Potential

2020 Virtual ILC Reflections

HOSA members had the opportunity to participate in HOSA’s 43rd Annual VILC and be recognized for their dedication, commitment to become a compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and skilled healthcare professional.  Virtual ILC highlights included:  77 health-related competitive events; 64 educational workshops; 83 exhibitors; two keynoters:  the nation’s #1 doctor –Surgeon General, VADM Jerome Adams, M.D., M.P.H.; and Barbara Pierce Bush, Chair of the Board of Global Health Corps.

Link to HOSA’s 2020 VILC Program Book

Salute Healthcare Workers

Celebrating Our HOSA Alumni Making a Difference

Link to the Surgeon General’s Remarks

Link to Barbara Pierce Bush’s Presentation

Opening Session

HOSA Awards Sessions

View 2020 ILC Winners Lists


VILC Led by an Outstanding International Executive Council (2019-2020) 

— Passionate, Empathetic, Genuine, Thoughtful, Caring, Service-Oriented, Visionary, Creative, Magnetic, Resilient — words used to honor the 2019-2020 International Executive Council.  The Executive Council led the 43rd Annual Virtual

International Leadership Conference with heart, grace, creativity and excellence. Be sure to watch HOSA’s Tribute to the 2019-2020 International Executive Council.

View International Executive Council Officer Tribute

Board Chair Jason Huff can be proud of the 2020 Virtual International Leadership Conference!  He did an outstanding job leading the virtual meetings – thoughtfully, efficiently, and meaningfully.  Thanks for making a difference to so many members of HOSA-Future Health Professionals!




HOSA’s Scholarship Program awarded $83,500 to 72 HOSA members in scholarships at the international level. Additionally, the U.S. Army presented 41 scholarships in the amount of $4,177,323 totaling 112 HOSA members receiving $4,260,823.  When these dollars are combined with the $1,907,950 awarded by chartered associations, HOSA awarded $6,168,773 in scholarships. Special thanks to the U.S. Army for their continued sponsorship of HOSA’s scholarship program.

2020 Scholarship Donors and Recipients

2020-2021 International Executive Council

During the annual Business Session, the voting delegates elected eight knowledgeable and eager HOSA leaders to serve on the Executive Council.

  • President – Jake Kelley, (TN)
  • President-Elect – Sricharan Pusala (FL)
  • Western Region Vice President – Shreya Shrestha (CO)
  • Central Region Vice President – Addison Soerensen (OK)
  • Eastern Region Vice President – LJ Pasion (NJ)
  • Postsecondary/Collegiate Vice President – Emily Hathcock (SC)
  • Secondary Board Representative – Jennifer Okolo (TX)
  • Postsecondary/Collegiate Board Representative – Aaron Castillo (RI)

More about the 2020-2021 Executive Council

HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors

The HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors elected three new members to the HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors who will meet on Saturday, January 9, 2021 in Dallas, Texas:

  • Eastern Region – Local Advisor: Kelly Ruth (PA)
  • Western Region – Local Advisor: Monica Cortez (TX)
  • Western Region – State Advisor: Cindy Beck (CA)

2020-2021 HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors

Congratulations to all HOSA Special Award Honorees!

  • Honorary Life Membership, Janet Villarreal, Texas State Advisor and 2019 HOSA, Inc. Board Chairman.
  • Educational Excellence Award, Collie Wells, Alabama Health Science Administrator and Alabama HOSA
  • Above and Beyond Award, Lynsey Singleton, CTSO Coordinator for The Georgia Department of Education and member of the Georgia HOSA Board of Directors
  • HOSA Hero Award, Ramsey Miller, Oklahoma HOSA
Janet Villarreal Collie Wells Lynsey Singleton Ramsey Miller


Goodheart-Willcox Outstanding Service Award Recipients

HOSA’s thanks to Goodheart-Willcox for their support of HOSA’s Outstanding Service Award recognizing one local HOSA chapter advisor from each HOSA region.

Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Competitive Events

This year 8,310 competitors competed in 77 competitive events demonstrating competencies developed through Health Science and Biomedical Science class instruction, technical training and HOSA activities. HOSA congratulates all middle school, secondary and postsecondary/collegiate winners in this year’s competitive events program.

View the complete list of Competitive Event Top Ten Winners and Other Award Recipients.

CERTIFICATES – All VILC certificates are downloadable this year and can be found at:  http://ilc.hosa.org/certificates

If you are a Top Ten Finalist and wish to receive a Top Ten Finalist Pin, please email your name, home address including city, state and zip, and event to hosa@hosa.org and a Finalist pin will be mailed.

RECOGNITION EVENTS – HOSA members who registered for the virtual conference will be mailed their recognition pin if they (1) registered for Virtual ILC; (2) send an email to hosa@hosa.org with your name, chapter number, and home address. Pins will be mailed upon verification of ILC registration and recognition hours/dollars.

2020-2022 HOSA Service Project


Be The Match www.bethematch.org

Additional information will be forthcoming to get your HOSA chapter started soon!

Inspirational Song – Tanav Chachad, Plano West High School, Texas.

We Are the World

Gamification Leaderboard Winners:

1st Place: Iffah Saya, Alliance Academy for Innovation, GA

2nd Place: Vera Vaz, Churchill County High School, NV

3rd Place: Spencer Shores, Southwest Guilford High School, NC

Honorable Mention: Eekshita Allipilli, Haas Hall Bentonville, AR

Online Testing Winner:

Jacob Bettencourt, Pearl City High School, HI