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2020 Virtual ILC Conference Highlights

HOSA-Future Health Professionals conducted the 43rd annual Virtual International Leadership Conference (VILC) with 7,300 members, advisors, judges and guests on June 24-27, 2020.  HOSA was represented by 51 chartered associations including  a judge from London and competitors from Canada and China!

2020-2021 HOSA Executive Council

HOSA-Future Health Professionals is proud to announce the HOSA's voting delegates selected the 2020-2021 Executive Council during the 2020 Virtual International Leadership Conference on Friday, June 26 at the 2020 Business Session.

Those elected to serve are:

2020 Goodheart-Willcox Outstanding Service Award

The Goodheart-Willcox Outstanding Service Awards recognize three local HOSA chapter advisors, one from each HOSA region who have made exceptional contributions of local, regional, state and national significance to the promotion, development, and progress of HOSA-Future Health Professionals. 

Statement Against Racism

We are saddened by recent events and would like to acknowledge the emotions of many across the nation, including many HOSA members, may be feeling. As part of our mission and goals, we are dedicated to creating leaders in the global health community who are understanding of health care issues and the needs of the community. To achieve this, we must acknowledge the systematic racism that has existed in our country.

HOSA's Commitment to Make a Difference

Producing a vaccine for COVID-19 is of extreme importance but equally important is finding a cure for a 400-year infection called systemic racism.  We are proud to be associated with fellow health professionals who, after long hours of caring for patients battling coronavirus, go to the street to show their support of those protesting for equal opportunity and justice for all -- no more no less.  If the goal of HOSA-Future Health Professionals is saving lives, we understand that life is precious and we should respect, value, and treat each life accordingly.  HOSA-Future Health Professionals

2020 HOSA Scholarship Recipients

HOSA–Future Health Professionals encourages its members to attain high scholastic achievement, develop exceptional leadership skills, and commit to careers in health.

At the HOSA 2020 International Leadership Conference (ILC), HOSA will honor 72  outstanding HOSA  Program, represented by 23 sponsors, an amount totaling $83,500. 

2020 Spring eMagazine

HOSA is pleased to share the 2020 Spring eMagazine. We want to thank the states and chapters that contributed articles and photos for this edition. 
We also want to encourage you to continue to submit articles and photos for future editions. If you have questions about submitting content please contact
Click here to view the Spring 2020 eMagazine.

2020 HOSA ILC Moves to Virtual Event!

HOSA’s biggest event of the year goes VIRTUAL – announcing the 2020 Virtual International Leadership Conference

HOSA-Future Health Professionals announces it will host its annual International Leadership Conference, June 24-27, 2020.  Now in its 43rd year, HOSA will take on an entirely new online format packed with the same great conference content for all HOSA members and advisors.  

HOSA Alumni Confirmed as Deputy Secretary

Former National Officer, Marko Mijic, confirmed as Deputy Secretary, California Health and Human Services Agency

Advice from the U.S. Surgeon General on COVID-19

HOSA Members, as future health professionals, we must do our part to keep our community healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you must leave your home, remember to follow these guidelines from the CDC: