Online Testing Instructions - 2020 ILC

As a competitor, you MUST read this information prior to logging into your exam!


  1. On June 15 or June 16, you will receive an email with you testing ID, password, event name, and event time. (You will receive an email with log-in information for each test you are taking; therefore if you are registered for multiple ATC tests, you will receive multiple emails.)
  2. READ CAREFULLY: DO NOT attempt to log-in prior to your testing time. Only use the identification credentials to log into the testing system when you are ready to start the test on the day of your test. There is absolutely no need to "test" the credentials to ensure they are working because as soon as you log into the testing system, your testing time begins
  3. When it is time to take your test (schedule below), you will log-in. To log-in, type your ID and password EXACTLY as it is written in the email message. Most IDs start with a capital " T ", end in numbers, and is case sensitive. 
  4. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Once the test has begun, do not close your internet browser.  If you accidentally close your browser while you are looking at references, you might force your test to submit prematurely! You do not want this to happen. Therefore, do not close your internet browser.
  5. If you are able to log in successfully and receive an error - wait 15 minutes and try to login again. If you continue to have issues call or email the support team.
  6. If you experience issues while you are testing, please call - 1.877.204.2143 or email -
  7. The login link to the testing site is at the very bottom of this page. Once you click the link you can login under "Take a Test."


Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Before you panic and call the online testing hotline, try to troubleshoot the issue yourself if you receive a message like: "Access Denied" or "Your login attempt was unsuccessful".
    • Are you typing the ID and password EXACTLY the way it was written in the email remmebering the letters are case sensitive?
    • Are you logged in on the right day? Right time? Please look over the testing schedule below.


Video Tutorial 


Test Schedule

Please find your exam day below. The times are all in Central Daylight Time. This means the testing system will open at 12:00am and close at 11:59pm CDT. You may login at any time during this window to take your test. 

Teamwork events: All competitors for teamwork events must login to test within 60 minutes of the first team member logging in. HOSA is monitoring time stamps on tests to ensure this credibility. Team members should coordinate a testing time that works for all members within the given 24-hour timeframe.


Questions? Email -

Once you have read the instructions and watched the tutorial video, you can click here to log in with your ID and password.