HOSA ILC and SLC’s - Know the Facts!

Know the facts…

• about COVID-19!
• about what can be done to keep yourself and others healthy and safe!
about your states plan to conduct an SLC or a Virtual SLC
• about HOSA’s upcoming International Leadership Conference, June 24-27, 2020!

The past few weeks have been challenging for everyone.  Our main priority has been to safeguard the health and well-being of HOSA members and advisors!  We appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate these uncertain times.  We believe HOSA will get through this experience together!

Due to nationwide precautions in preventing the spread of COVID-19, there have been a series of bans against gatherings of large groups.  Some HOSA State Leadership Conferences (SLC) were conducted, however, thirty-four (34) SLCs were canceled.  We’re hopeful members and advisors are informed about the actions your state has taken in hosting a SLC or a “Virtual” SLC.

HOSA gained its first experience in conducting a Virtual SLC when Pennsylvania HOSA was hit with a horrific snowstorm and it was impossible to reach the SLC location.  Because HOSA Headquarters Staff had experience in conducting other Virtual SLC events over the years, the recommendation to go Virtual was enthusiastically received.

Please check your state’s website for an update regarding the dates and type of conference scheduled in your state.  

HOSA-Future Health Professionals is following the reports of COVID-19 and doing our part to respond to the enlarging public health issue and will continue to monitor reports and follow the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization regulations related to travel and large gatherings.  As of today, the HOSA International Leadership Conference is scheduled to take place on June 24-27, but please stay tuned to the HOSA website and social media for updates.  HOSA’s priority is to protect and support the public health of HOSA members, advisors and partners.

A decision will be made regarding the 2020 ILC no later than May 1.  HOSA will conduct the ILC over June 24-27.  If COVID-19 precautions continue to exist, the ILC will be conducted “virtually,” over June 24-27, 2020.  If conducted virtually, HOSA will take full advantage of the Internet, YouTube videos, TALLO submitted documentation, competitor videos (if requested), Zoom presentations, interviews, or Q&A (if requested), and other forms of communication.

The Opening, Recognition and Awards Session will be conducted live by the National Executive Council.  Keynote speakers may be live, recorded or accessed through YouTube.  Special media productions will be recorded and accessed using YouTube. 

Workshops will be conducted live, recorded and accessed using YouTube. HOSA competitive events information will be provided on the HOSA website if competition is held virtually.  

Additional instructions will be provided competitors, national officer candidates, scholarship recipients, and the many other opportunities for recognition available to HOSA members.

Special instructions will be sent to national officer candidates for three levels of the candidate process: (1) basic written information and candidate application; (2) two types of information provided to the nominating committee; and (3) two types of information provided to the Delegate Assembly.

Awards and recognition items will be sent to recipients via USPS.  Competitors will be asked to send their contact information to HOSA Headquarters if a Virtual ILC is conducted.  

First things first:  Determine the type of SLC to be conducted: (1) Traditional or (2) Virtual.  Next:  What are the dates of the SLC/Virtual?  

ILC 2020:  Determine the type of ILC to be conducted: (1) Traditional or (2) Virtual.  The dates will be June 24-27.

Check the State Website for details and the HOSA.org website will provide details about the ILC.  If you have any questions, contact HOSA@hosa.org.