STEM Premier Name Change and Cash Promo

Tallo Cash Promotion

Tallo is awarding 3 HOSA chapters with $500 each who complete their Tallo profiles in one of the following categories: 

  1. Be the 1st HOSA Chapter Signed Up with 100% of its chapter members on Tallo with profiles at least 85% complete–and WIN $500!
  2. Be the 1st HOSA Chapter with 100 HOSA members on Tallo with profiles at least 85% complete–and WIN $500!
  3. Have the MOST HOSA chapter members on Tallo with profiles at least 85% complete–and WIN $500! 

Make sure your members are creating their Tallo profiles to 85% completion. Only 1 member per chapter needs to apply for the opportunity for eligibility.

Your HOSA members will not want to miss this opportunity to build their digital profile, and you will want to win $500 for your chapter!  Let us know if you have any questions!

STEM Premier Name Change

On February 4, STEM Premier will be changing its name to Tallo. The website and app are going to have a new look and feel, but the functionality will not change. Tallo will still be the safe, secure, and private service that benefits HOSA members.
Why the Name Change?
Tallo’s expertise is connecting emerging talent with the path that is right for them. Tons of students find this helpful in the STEM field, but it is something students in every field deserve access to. “Tallo” (think: talent + locator) better reflects the mission to connect every HOSA member with opportunities. Tallo is taking this STEM to be inclusive of all lifestyles, passions, and personalities. Tallo will continue to facilitate and foster pathways in the STEM field, in fact “tallo” is the Spanish word for stem!
Tallo allows HOSA members to find everything they need to connect to the right opportunities for their future that matches their unique skills, talents, and abilities. HOSA members are able to connect with colleges and universities, review scholarship opportunities that total over $20 billion dollars, and view internships and career information from leading corporations.
HOSA continues to utilize Tallo for its competitive events program. Are you competing in one of these events?

  • Clinical Specialty
  • Community Awareness
  • Health Career Photography
  • Health Education
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Life Support Skills
  • Medical Innovation – Original & Existing
  • MRC Partnership
  • Personal Care
  • Public Service Announcement
  • Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking
  • Speaking Skills

If you are, make sure that you have created a profile and have viewed your state’s opportunity on Tallo. The instructions can be found on if you need assistance.
The HOSA Scholarship is also listed on Tallo. For instructions on how to apply please visist