2018 USPHS Symposium + Surgeon General's 5K

HOSA-Future Health Professionals was honored to be invited to the annual United States Public Health Service Symposium in Dallas, Texas from June 4th through the 7th. The theme for this conference was “Ensuring Health for Generations to Come: Science Matters”. The conference began with an incredible keynote speaker, Dr. Rishi Manchanda, MD, MPH, who enlightened everyone about being the “Upstreamist” in life and in the health field. He further explained that the “Upstreamist” was one who would persist to locate the source of a problem to further efforts of preventative care. He did mention that the collaboration and cooperation of the “Upstreamist” along with those who tend to immediate problems is critical to the advancement of quality, compassionate health care. As we were in the audience we thought about the “Upstreamist” mentality and how it relates to the future of healthcare and HOSA. As an organization dedicated to creating the future of healthcare, it is our moral obligation to adopt the “Upstreamist” mentality and look for innovative pathways for providing our members with opportunities in healthcare.

Later, there was an inspiring speech by Surgeon General Vice Admiral Adams discussing the priorities of U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps in working towards improving health in America. From issues related to the opioid crisis, social determinants of health, and environmental concerns related to health. Surgeon General Vice Admiral Adams also discussed the issue of mental health which goes hand in hand with HOSA’s service project for the year: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Furthermore, there was an extraordinary exhibition in which professionals from all fields of public health were able to set up booths and share their knowledge and experiences. There were several opportunities that are available that HOSA members could take advantage of. Engaging with these professionals gave the perfect opportunity to expand HOSA’s presence in the world of public health and to further foster partnerships with the health industry.

In addition, there was a 5k walk/run with the Surgeon General to promote the importance of public health. This was a very empowering and exciting experience and HOSA was absolutely happy to partake in it. This conference, overall, was a very rewarding opportunity and HOSA looks forward to staying involved with the United States Public Health Service in the future!