2018 National Health Science State Leaders Meeting

The 2018 National Health Science State Leaders Annual Meeting was held in San Antonio, Texas, January 30 in advance of the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) 2018 Board of Directors Annual Meeting. Jeswin Vennatt, Western Region Vice President was invited to participate as a guest speaker prior to the HOSA sponsored luncheon.

Jeswin shared his HOSA journey from his membership at South Texas High School for Health Professions and being a part of the HOSA Bowl first place team at the 2015 International Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California to now his freshman year at Texas A&M. Jeswin serves on the HOSA Executive Council and attributes his recent opportunities to study abroad in China and Vienna to lessons he learned as a HOSA member. The Partnership in Primary Care Program that Jeswin is a part of guarantees him a conditional acceptance to medical school. Jeswin concluded his presentation by comparing HOSA–Future Health Professionals to a shoe store—HOSA finds the best “fit” for its members when it comes to professions in health. 

HOSA is appreciative of the partnership with the health science state leaders across the nation and thanks them for the countless opportunities they provide for Future Health Professionals.