iGIANT® Challenge Competition for HOSA Innovators

Press Release
iGIANT® Challenge Competition for HOSA Innovators
For Immediate Release                                                                                  Monday, January 22, 2018
HOSA is excited to announce a challenge competition sponsored by iGIANT®, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the safety and quality of life for men and women by exploring the impact of gender/sex on innovation and novel technologies in our lives. The purpose of the challenge is to establish a common dialog about best practices and to inspire participants to serve as ambassadors for innovation to help accelerate the translation of research into gender/sex-specific design elements such as programs, products, policies, and protocols.
The National Academy of Medicine defines "gender" as a person's self-representation as male or female based on social interactions and "sex" as based on one's genes. The environment can impact gene expression which is known as "epigenetics."
Gender/sex impacts every aspect of our daily lives. The same dosage of medication, for example, has different effects on men compared to women, resulting in a need for us to understand these differential effects in the research and development process before doctors can effectively dose their patients. Similarly, although some products (such as shoes, sports equipment, or cars) seem to have separate designs for men and women, it is important to distinguish between a simple change in aesthetics and a design that addresses the biological factors (i.e. body composition, bone structure, metabolism) that cause men and women to experience these products differently. Each small detail, and seemingly insignificant change in design, can heavily impact how we perform at work, school, or in our leisurely activities.
The goal of this effort is to improve the safety and quality of life for men and women in all areas and especially within the sectors of health, IT, transportation, and retail. This challenge is to submit a concept idea for one or more of the sectors, using design elements which takes into account how men and women adapt differently to technologies used in everyday life.  Four winners, one for each sector, will be awarded a grand prize. 
HOSA would like to thank Dr. Saralyn Mark, President and Founder of iGIANT®, HOSA-100 National Advisory Council Member and Author of Stellar Medicine: A Journey Through the Universe of Women's Health for the sponsorship of this challenge competition.
HOSA–Future Health Professionals is the largest international student organization for students enrolled in health science and biomedical sciences programs and serving those interested in the pursuit of careers in health. HOSA's mission is to develop leadership and technical competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition, which is an integral part of the instructional program. The student-led organization provides opportunities for students to practice and refine their academic, technical, leadership, and teamwork skills to achieve seamless transition from education to careers.
Since 1976, HOSA has served 2.4 million students interested in pursuing careers in health. HOSA is the vital pipeline for the health industry—an industry that is projected to add 5.0 million jobs by 2022, growing faster than jobs across all other sectors.
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