Welcome to the 2012-2013 HOSA Membership Year

In 1976, HOSA was founded around just one demographic - the student. Our programs, events, and culture are all engineered to inspire and push students to the highest level that they can achieve more both in and out of the classroom. Over 2.1 million Future Health Professionals have used HOSA as a launching pad for leadership, and while this is impressive, all great leaders know that good is never good enough.
We’ve only just begun.
We’re building our members up, because we know that they’ll deliver. Our national theme for this year is HOSA: Build a Better You! This epitomizes what HOSA set out to accomplish all those years ago. When your 2012-2013 National Executive Council inherited such a dynamic and diverse membership, we knew that we had our work cut out for us. As a team we crafted dreams for what HOSA can do. Already in place were exciting changes that will directly impact the way that you’ll interact with HOSA on even the most basic level. As we gear up for these changes, we’re constantly improving the way that we distribute information across the nation.
One of our really incredible dreams is to extend officer leadership experiences to our entire membership. We’d also like to connect with you personally, which is made easier than ever due to our team’s geographic diversity. In each region of the nation, our team is set on making HOSA known. We encourage you to join us in this cause, and to make HOSA an active part of your community’s healthcare pipeline. Along the way, we’ll be streamlining every part of what we do. So it’s easier for you to take part in what you love. With the key word being easier. And love.
We’re reaching out, up, and beyond what we think is already awesome. We encourage you to do the same. Welcome to HOSA: Build a Better You!
David Kelly
HOSA - Future Health Professionals