2018 HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors

The HOSA-Future Health Professionals announced the election of its Board officers. The HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors conducted an election of the 2018 Chairman, Chair-Elect, and Board Secretary.

Peg Enslen, RN, Ed.D., State Advisor of Delaware HOSA, was elected Chairman, HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors. Peg has been the First State’s HOSA Advisor since 2011. She currently serves on the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) Board. Prior to becoming the Delaware HOSA State Advisor, Peg was a registered nurse in multiple health systems in Delaware.

Janet Villarreal, State Advisor Texas HOSA, was elected Chair-Elect. Janet has been serving HOSA since 1994. She began as a local chapter advisor at United South and United North High Schools and, in 2006, became the State Advisor of Texas HOSA, where she continues to lead the country’s largest HOSA state association with more than 35,000 HOSA members. Previously, Janet was a registered radiologic technologist at Doctor’s Hospital in Laredo, Texas.

Secretary of the HOSA, Inc. Board is Jason Huff, MSN, RN, FNKR, Vice President of Transplant Services at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Jason began his HOSA career in 1992 before serving as the Indiana HOSA President (1993-1995) and Secondary Member-At-Large on HOSA's National Executive Council (1994-1995).  Jason has remained an active HOSA alumnus at the national level as well as providing leadership to Indiana and Ohio HOSA.  

“We believe 2017 was the the best year ever in HOSA's history,” said Dr. Jim Koeninger, Executive Director of HOSA-Future Health Professionals. “But we know 'The best is yet to be', and HOSA will benefit greatly from the guidance these experienced leaders will provide.”