Koshland Museum Brings Earthquake Experience to Arizona

Extreme Event on the Road: High School Students in Phoenix Choose Resilience

Arizona HOSA partnered with the Marian Koshland Science Musesum of the National Academy of Sciences during their Fall Leadership Conferece to bring an "Extreme Event Earthquake" from Washington, D.C. to Arizona.  During five conference sessions, Koshland staff helped 250 students get a taste of what it takes to build community resilience in the face of disaster through the game's latest edition, Earthquake. Participants worked together to make decisions about resources, build coalitions, and respond to challenges across fictional Rock City with surprise challenges such as train derailments, fires, and city-splitting chasms. It wasn’t always easy, but players did their best to make decisions to help build resilience for the whole community.  Check out the video from the event.

The Koshland Science Museum is located in Washington, D.C. and offers unique science exhibits with interactive displays that illustrate the role of science in informing policies that affect our lives. The Koshland Museum was one of HOSA's Industry Tours Highlights during the 2016 Washington Leadership Academy.  Learn more about bringing an "Extreme Event" to your school or state.