Uniformed Services of the Health Sciences

Uniformed Services University

HOSA State Advisors Hosted by the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD
The USU specializes in military and public health medicine which is more than practicing medicine in the military or Public Health Service, and differs significantly from civilian medicine. Military/Public Health medicine focuses on keeping people healthy and especially in the military, involves disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment by medical personnel who are integral to the operations they support. Military physicians must understand and treat syndromes and injuries that are often rare or unknown among non-military populations. Knowledge in areas of military medical intelligence, the psychological stresses of combat and trauma, and the medical effects of extreme environments whether in tropical or desert conditions, aerospace or undersea, is essential to properly advising a military commander on how to best keep troops fit. For those in the Public Health Service, medical practice relies on much of the same expertise. In addition, the Public Health Service is growing in its capacity to provide health interventions during and following natural disasters and benefits from the same training and knowledge base as the other uniformed services. Simply put, the focus is practicing “good medicine in bad places.” "Learning to care for those in harm's way.”
Captain Margaret Calloway invited the HOSA State Advisors to tour the world-class facility and it was indeed memorable. Established by Congress in 1972, matriculating in 1976 and graduating its first class in 1980, the USU has a worldwide reputation as a center of excellence for military and public health professions education and research. Our programs are unique, related directly to force health protection, tropical diseases, disaster medicine, military and public health medical readiness and adaptation to extreme environments. USU prepares outstanding scientists and health care practitioners for careers in service to the nation.
The Simulation Center provided hands-on opportunities for HOSA State Advisors to experience a remarkable learning environment. Everyone left in hopes that HOSA members will apply for entrance to the USU which provides a free higher education degree program as well as a stipend for living expenses. Graduates are expected to remain in the military for a seven year period in return for the education and experience.