Congratulations to Covington High School HOSA and Maquoketa High School HOSA

Two outstanding HOSA chapters will be recognized for MRC Youth Engagement Awards this month. The MRC Youth Engagement Award honors MRC units that have successfully promoted the utilization of youth in their local mission. They also provided young people with opportunities to participate in public health, preparedness, or response activities. The exemplary youth engagement programs we are recognizing now have played a role in raising awareness and education about health, response, and resilience related subjects to youth in the community by incorporating young people in unit programs, activities, and initiatives.

This year's  recipients are:

Covington High School HOSA/Junior MRC & West Tennessee MRC in Tennessee. For over three years, the Covington High School HOSA has partnered with the West Tennessee MRC to disseminate information about public health initiatives and promote emergency preparedness in the community. In 2015 alone, the partnership lead to the hosting of a blood drive at the high school, an alcohol awareness program during the September 11 football game, and a recruitment effort leading to 22 new MRC members. Additionally, the HOSA and MRC volunteers worked with the local fire department to educate the community on locking up prescription drugs, handing out free smoke alarms, and promote the wearing of seatbelts.  As a trusted source among their peers, as well as a resource for the whole community, the Covington High School HOSA/Junior MRC is a tremendous partner and asset to the West Tennessee MRC.

Maquoketa High School HOSA MRC in Iowa. Despite the challenges that can come with working with students, including high turnover of membership each year, the Maquoketa High School HOSA MRC unit is always engaging in a variety of interesting unit events. The unit regularly engages in public health activities, such as regular CPR and First Aid training and blood pressure clinics. They also look for ways to engage in emergency preparedness and response. This includes serving as victims in a full-scale exercise or educating themselves on the Ebola outbreak. They are a wonderful local face for the MRC by going out in the community and engaging with a variety of partners. On top of this, the unit leader, Paulette, has an incredibly kind heart and is someone who always cares for the well-being of her students in every way. 

The 2016 MRC Recognition Awards Program is on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 2 p.m. (EDT) and can be viewed online.  Please join us as we recognize our outstanding HOSA chapters and their efforts  with amazing MRC volunteers, leaders and partners. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how the MRC network is improving public health, reducing vulnerability, building community resilience, and enhancing capabilities in emergency preparedness, response and recovery.