Well, for the life of me I wouldn’t have ever thought that I would be a writer in any sort of capacity, but when HOSA calls I rarely have the power to say no. This blog is intended to be a resource for students pursuing a health profession, but my personal hope is that almost any student who stumbles across it will be able to gain something from my experiences as a high school student in Oklahoma, college undergrad in NYC, and (hopefully!) medical student. I’ll start by recounting my own experiences and providing advice when I think I have any to give, but eventually I hope to expand to also interviewing peers and leaders whose expertise and knowledge (and thus value to you as a Future Health Professional) far exceed my own. I also hope that you’ll join me in conversation below and by email, asking questions where I’ve left gaps and contributing your own experiences. As part of a group of like-minded students I look forward to the expansion of this part of hosa.org as a place for us to share, learn, and ultimately inspire each other just as we do at conferences and in classrooms the world over.
A bit more about me. My name is David Kelly, and I am a Future Health Professional. I first joined HOSA in 2009, competing in HOSA Bowl at the state and national levels. I served as Oklahoma HOSA State President for 2010-2011, then was elected National President-Elect in 2011 and served as National President in 2012 and 2013. I’ve continued to be involved in HOSA since then as an alumni member. I’m from Oklahoma but live in New York City pursuing a Neural Science degree at NYU. I’ll graduate in 2016 and apply to medical school with the ultimate goal of becoming either a neurologist or an emergency physician (maybe – more on that later). I can be reached at dkellyhosa@gmail.com.