The Three Doctors Foundation Walkathon

On July 25th, Region III Vice President, Akshar Patel attended the Healthy Mind and Body Walkathon hosted by the Three Doctors Foundation. The three doctors hosting the event were Dr. George Jenkins, Dr. Rameck Hunt, and the 2015 National Leadership Conference keynote speaker, Dr. Sampson Davis! Akshar was accompanied by two New Jersey HOSA State Officers, Sneha Rangu and Aditya Madduluri; the three members then set out to explore the coupling of health awareness and fitness.

Upon arrival, they were greeted by Ms. Windy White, who enthusiastically introduced them to the staff and volunteers as members of her “HOSA family.” As the HOSA members explored the Walkathon, they observed numerous booths dedicated to wellness and nutrition. Scholarships were awarded to young leaders who had taken the initiative to better their communities, and there were various fun activities including face-painting and a Zumba dance! Before the walkathon began, Akshar, Aditya, and Sneha were able to meet with Dr. Sampson Davis who expressed great enthusiasm in seeing the Future Health Professionals he had met in California, now in New Jersey. As the walkathon began, it was an empowering sight to see such a diverse group of young adults walking together in the name of community, wellness, and health.

Akshar, Sneha, and Aditya found themselves inspired to form a pact of their own in which they each promised to serve their communities to the best of their abilities. As Akshar reflected how these inspirational three doctors were giving back to their community, he imagined just how large of an impact the over 186,000 members of HOSA could have if they each embraced this pact. Akshar thanks the Three Doctors Foundation, especially Dr. Sampson Davis, for the opportunity to be present at such an enriching event. He encourages all HOSA members to join him in this pact so we can all walk together towards a brighter future!