Helping Others Succeed as Alumni

Do you remember your unique HOSA story?  Though most of us attended local chapter meetings and a lot of us competed in competitive events when we were secondary or post-secondary members, none of our experiences and interactions were identical.  Some of us were inspired by educators or community members at our local chapters; others networked with healthcare professionals at regional, state, and national conferences. Think about the professionals who inspired you. You saw something in them. It may have been a bandaging technique, a leadership style, or simply an abundance of confidence, but you saw something you wanted to emulate as a young professional, and it inspired you.
Now you've graduated from your HOSA chapter and moved on to another stage in your life.  Your days of competing in competitive events have come and gone.  What hasn't left is your chance to learn and lead.  Now is your opportunity to be the community leader, health care expert, or mentor who inspires the next generation of health care leaders! 
Service is in HOSA's blood.  When you were a secondary or post-secondary HOSA member, service was at the core of your HOSA values.  Serving the sick and injured or helping with national service projects was simply expected.  Now as an alumnus, you can continue to serve the organization that helped you become the person you are today. Chapters all across the country are looking for volunteers like you.
How can you help?  In every way!  Many chapters host guest speakers or have career fairs, and you could be the face of your healthcare profession.  A lot of members are inspired by working alongside professionals during internships or shadow days as well.  What if your life path took you to a career not in the healthcare industry?  You still learned valuable leadership and professional lessons from HOSA which you can now pass on to young people across the nation.  Chapters need community leaders to help mentor members and help with events, such as community service projects. 
Having a lasting impact by motivating HOSA members at a local chapter is fantastic, but if you want to have an even broader impact you can volunteer with your state HOSA organization.  Do you remember attending a state leadership conference?  Without volunteers, many of them simply would not occur, especially not in the typical outstanding HOSA fashion.  Volunteers are needed in many different aspects of conferences but some of the most common ways to help out are by presenting a group symposium or judging a competitive event.  Symposiums have a wide range of topics for HOSA members to absorb, and states are always looking to expand the number of experts they can contact to cover new and exciting topics.  If speaking with small groups isn't your ideal day out of the office, consider judging a competitive event. Being a judge is a great way to shake up your routine, and with over 50 events there is an opportunity for everyone.  Even if you don't have the past experience needed to judge young EMTs competing, there are plenty of events that require no past medical experience.  You'll be surprised how much you can learn from students while motivating them to succeed.
Ready to start giving back and inspiring young minds?  Contact your local or state HOSA chapter advisor.  A comprehensive list of HOSA state advisors can be found at  Now it's your chance to be the role model you used to look up to!