2014 Washington Leadership Academy

The anticipation that developed months, weeks, and days before seemed to get longer and longer. The nation was prepared, prepared with state leaders that were ready to adventure onto the next step of their term, Washington Leadership Academy. As the round tables filled so did the room, not only with officers but also with hugs, handshakes and laughter. WLA focused on leading with courage, creating an impactful act on someone or something. With courage as the main theme of the conference working with the plus one skills presented, those in attendance were able to gain an extra degree in leadership. Asked on a mission, members traveled to specific monuments in which clues where presented for their next location. Exploring, deciphering, and working together the courage teams gained not only historical knowledge but also expanded their individual leadership skills with each other. WLA was a time of making personal connections with other leaders across the nation and for the first time Puerto Rico; it was also a time of obtaining essential knowledge not only about leadership but also including the National Institutes of Health and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Active engagement, contagious energy, and courageous acts where present throughout the entire conference. This year’s Washington Leadership Academy was by far an incredible event.