2013-2014 Executive Council Elected

The 2013 National Leadership Conference was an exciting time for the leadership of HOSA-Future Health Professionals. On Tuesday evening June 25, twenty-five National Officer Applicants, tested and passed the National Officer Candidate exam and were given interview times. On Wednesday the Nominating Committee interviewed all 25 applicants and slated them for office. On Thursday morning all of the candidates attended the Meet the Candidates Breakfast and the Voting Delegates had the opportunity to get to know the candidates better. Thursday afternoon at the HOSA Business Session the Voting Delegates heard the cadidate speeches and elected the 2013-2014 National Executive Council.
Friday evening at the National Recognition Session the 2013-2014 National Executive Council was revealed. 

  • Antonio Hernandez, President
  • Hugo Quezada, President-Elect
  • Aamr Hasanjee, Region I Vice President
  • Jessica Fults, Region II Vice President
  • Sunakshi Puri, Region III Vice President
  • Devindra Persad, Postsecondary/Collegiate Vice President
  • Bethany Mackey, Secondary Board Representative
  • Joylynn Sears, Postsecondary/Collegiate Board Representative

Your 2013-2014 National Executive Council is excited about the coming year and is looking forward to serving the HOSA membership.