NLC 2012 Daily Updates: Wednesday, June 20th

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The 35th Annual National Leadership Conference (NLC) officially began this morning when HOSA delegates received their registration materials, name badges, conference pins and program books. The competitive events staff remained busy preparing for the first day of competitions while state advisors finalized their lists of competitors and events.

National HOSA officer interviews also began early this morning. The 2012-2013 candidates for the National Executive Council are:

Post Secondary Board Representative
Anjenette Abbott
Brittney Bradford
Kayla Loomis
Devindra Persad

Secondary Board Representative
Raiyan Choudhury
Nae Won

Region III Vice President
Christian Harrison
Nicole Teat

Region II Vice President
Nusla Mohamed

Region I Vice President
Sam Hong
Darby Lacey
Jordane Linhart
Elena Rabago

Post Secondary Vice President
Gregory Cotes
Jessica Linker
Miranda Terrell
Rikki Weidner

President Elect
Antonio Hernandez
Maria VanAllen

David Kelly

The national officer candidates were recognized onstage during the opening session later in the evening.

New local advisors began their day with Coffee Talk, an informal discussion session that allowed new advisors and "first timers" to ask questions about HOSA. An afternoon orientation session for local and state advisors was also held.

HOSA welcomed 40 exhibitors to this year's NLC. Exhibitors include ACTE-HSE, Army ROTC, CVS Caremark, Delmar Cengage Learning, DEPCO, LLC, Hospital Corporation of America, Health Professions Network, Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, Medical Reserve Corps, NASCO, National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, National Association of Parliamentarians, National Athletic Trainers' Association, National Consortium for Health Science Education, NSSLHA/ASHA, National Technical Honor Society, St. George Greek Orthodox Monastery, Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and many more. Exhibitors are on hand to share current and future expectations of the healthcare industry with HOSA delegates.

The first official competition of the 2012 NLC began with the Healthcare Issues Exam. Scholarships to the first place secondary and postsecondary winners. The exam is a great way for students to keep abreast of current events in the healthcare industry.

Nervous students and advisors were seen throughout the afternoon as competitors began round one of various competitive events.

The voting delegates and courtesy corps are two special groups of delegates with very important roles during the conference. Voting delegates learned about their responsibilities during orientation. Courtesy corps members practiced for the opening session and received conference assignments. HOSA is very thankful to both of these groups for all they do to ensure the success of this year's NLC.

HOSA was excited to host one of the monthly HOSA Ideas Meeting as part of today's activities. HOSA Ideas Meetings provide continuous advocacy for the expansion of the HOSA pipeline via corporations, foundations, associations and government.

Opening General Session Highlights

The Veracruz Ballroom at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort was filled with energy and excitement as delegates from across the nation gathered for the opening session of the 35th Annual National HOSA Leadership Conference.

DJ Charles kicked off the evening with a HOSA singing and dancing before bringing out his friends, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale on stage to introduce the 2012 National Executive Council.

States in attendance were showcased through a parade of state flags and HOSA delegates paid tribute to our country through the singing of the National Anthem, performed by Casey Smith of Arizona HOSA. Conference delegates were then welcomed to Orlando by Florida HOSA President, Gregory Cotes. Narcissus Willis, the Florida Department of Education Health Science State Supervisor and HOSA alumnae was also on-hand to welcome delegates to the sunshine state.

Scholarship Recognition

National HOSA awarded 69 members with scholarships totaling $74,500. In addition to the national scholarships, HOSA state associations awarded $366,290 in scholarships this year. Congratulations to all scholarship recipients present at the 2012 HOSA National Leadership Conference:

National HOSA presented by Lowell Doringo, HOSA, Inc. Board Chair
Abigail Jebaraj (OK)
Nabil Islam (NJ)
Young Hong (ID)
Brittany Ebbing (AZ)

Phillip R. Patton/HCA presented by Sylvia Lollis
Amanda Thornton (FL)
Ashley Vaught (TN)

Public Health Service presented by CAPT Robert Tosato
Hayley Owen (AZ)

DEPCO Scholarship presented by Richard Grimsley
Nae Won (NC)

CVS Caremark presented by Ernie Dupont
Phuong Vu (CA)

NSSHLA/ASLHA presented by Melanie Johnson
Kelsey Locher (PA)

Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation
Sanam Chaudhary (GA)

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians presented by Don Lundy
Darlene Poust (PA)
Darby Lacey (MT)

National Technical Honor Society presented by Carol Kaczmarek
Samantha Augusta (MI)
Kaylee Boone (SC)
Samantha Purcell-Musgrave (FL)

Delmar Cengage Learning presented by Matt Seeley
Ashley Williams (VA)

Association for Career and Technical Education presented by Grace Decken
Karen Crampton (CO)

HOSA would also like to thank St. George Greek Orthodox Monastery, NASCO and the Janell Lane Memorial Scholarship for their scholarship contributions. HOSA is extremely grateful for all of the scholarship sponsors at this year's NLC. For a complete list of the 2012 scholarship recipients please visit

Special Recognition

Captain Robert Tosatto, Director of the Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps, thanked HOSA interns Haley Owen, Brittney Bradford, Miranda Terrell, Hugo Zuezada, Cynthia Soraoka, Brooke Nacua and Patricia Preston for participating in this year's internship at the Office of the U.S. General.

HOSA recognized Sandra Parker, Denise Hargreaves, Beverly Wolf and Nancy Allen as the recipients of the National Outstanding Service Award.

Membership Recognition

The following state associations were recognized for increased membership in the 2011-12 affiliation year:

New Jersey
North Carolina
West Virginia

HOSA continues to reach record-breaking membership numbers year after year. This year HOSA's national membership is 137,987. Texas was recognized as having the largest state association with 20,947 members and for bringing the largest delegation to the NLC with 572 delegates.

Robert Morgan Technical Center in Florida was recognized as the largest secondary chapter with 424 members and Meridian Community College was recognized as the largest postsecondary chapter with 299 members.

At last year's conference the HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors encouraged members and advisors recruit alumni members to make HOSA's network stronger. The following state officers were recognized for being top recruiters, Emery Dunn (TN) and Sidney Ketchum (TN). Emery and Sidney received a free registration scholarship to the 2012 Washington Leadership Academy. Julie Garner (TN) was recognized as the top state officer recruiter and received an all expenses paid trip to the 2012 Washington Leadership Academy. Advisor, Vicki Smith (NV) also received a free NLC registration for her efforts.

This year marked the 7th year of the HOSA Cup competition among the regions for membership growth. Region II was recognized as the regional winner with Puerto Rico HOSA receiving the HOSA cup for being the state with the highest percentage increase in membership.

In addition to membership growth this year, HOSA is excited to expand opportunities to Delaware health science students. HOSA presented Peggy Enslen, state advisor, the official state charter for Delaware HOSA.

HOSA was delighted to have J. R. Martinez in Orlando for the opening session. While J.R. is known for his appearances in on All My Children and Dancing with the Stars, he had a profound message about change and adapting to life's obstacles to share with the HOSA delegates.

Wednesday's opening session was a great beginning for the 35th Annual National Leadership Conference in Orlando! HOSA delegates have much to look forward to over the next three days.

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