2019 International Leadership Conference

The highlight of every year for HOSA members is the HOSA International Leadership Conference. =

The 2019 Program Book is now available online!  

HOSA Academic Testing Center Schedule

This year's conference is being held in Orlando, Florida, June 19-22 at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.

The HOSA International Leadership Conference includes:

  • Four exciting general sessions

NIH and Calvin J. Li Memorial Foundation Essay Contest

Nationwide essay contest challenges high schoolers to be frank about mental health

Multiple winners to be awarded by NIH and the Calvin J. Li Memorial Foundation.

2019 HOSA Scholarship Recipients

HOSA–Future Health Professionals encourages its members to attain high scholastic achievement, develop exceptional leadership skills, and commit to careers in health.

At the HOSA 2019 International Leadership Conference (ILC), HOSA will honor 71 outstanding HOSA  Program, represented by 27 sponsors, an amount totaling $82,500. 

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Princeton Review Discount

Planning on taking the MCAT soon? HOSA’s partnership with the Princeton Review can give you the advantage that you need to ace this exam!
HOSA current and alumni members are eligible to receive a discount of 15% on The Princeton Review’s MCAT Ultimate course, MCAT Ultimate & Strategy course, and the MCAT self-paced course.
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HOSA is pleased to share the HOSA Blog presented by the Executive Council.
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HOSA Patch Exchange Program

HOSA-Future Health Professionals is pleased to announce the HOSA Patch Exchange Program beginning at the 2019 International Leadership Conference (ILC) in Orlando, Florida, June 19, 2019. 

The HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors approved the Patch Exchange Program at the January 12, 2019 Board Meeting in Southlake, Texas, based on the recommendations of HOSA’s Task Force for Distinctive Symbols and Terminology and the approval from the 2018 Voting Delegate Assembly to amend the HOSA Bylaws to include updates to HOSA’s Emblem during the 2018 Business Session in Dallas, Texas. 

2019 Winter eMagazine

HOSA is pleased to share the 2019 Winter eMagazine. We want to thank the states and chapters that contributed articles and photos for this edition. 

We also want to encourage you to continue to submit articles and photos for future editions. If you have questions about submitting content please contact

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Rhode Island HOSA Advisor Received Golden Apple Award

HOSA congratulates Rachel Roberge, the local HOSA advisor for Scituate High School in North Scituate, Rhode Island, for receiving the Golden Apple Award by the Rhode Island Department of Education. 

To her students, Rachel Roberge is a teacher who “leads by example.” To her colleagues, she is “a crucial member” of the school community. For Roberge, it was just “another school day” when she was teaching her science classes at Scituate High School Wednesday - that is, until her classroom filled with family members, her colleagues, and cameras.


HOSA Blog: Membership Involvement and Leadership Development

By Austin Brewer, Postsecondary/Collegiate Vice President (2018-2019)
There is nothing more exciting than a room full of HOSA members! The atmosphere is filled with excitement, everyone is talking about the next conference and trying to find a partner for a competitive event. This atmosphere is filled to the brim with one thing-HOSA! To build on the theme of membership engagement, we would like to provide you with useful tips and tricks to keep your local chapter meetings organized, engaging, and of course fun! 

STEM Premier Name Change and Cash Promo

Tallo Cash Promotion

Tallo is awarding 3 HOSA chapters with $500 each who complete their Tallo profiles in one of the following categories: 

2019 HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors Elects Officers

HOSA, Inc. announces the election of its 2019 Board officers which includes two alumni members and the state advisor for HOSA’s largest chartered association.  The HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors conducted its annual election on Saturday, January 12 and elected Janet Villarreal (TX State Advisor), 2019 Chairman; Jason Huff (Alumnus and Industry Representative), Chair-Elect; and Dana Stringer (Alumnus and AL State Advisor), Board Secretary.



Public speaking is a fear that I often hear cited along with phobias of things like spiders, snakes, or heights. I think of it as very different, though. Those fears are instinctual and evolutionary - it’s not often smart to pick up a snake or stand at the edge of a cliff. Public speaking, however, is typically a good thing. Somebody has decided that what you have to say is important enough that multiple people will want or need to hear it.


Six Weeks of Gross Anatomy

It’s the most famous course offered in medical school. Gross Anatomy defines the experience of the medical student in popular culture. As it turns out it is also defining for the students themselves. Many in my class commented that although they received their white coats weeks earlier at a formal coating ceremony, they didn’t feel that they were truly physicians-in-training until they stepped through the doors of the Gross Anatomy lab. I had a similar experience.


Financing Medical School

Hello everyone! With the start of Spring semester looming and the idea of state leadership conferences beginning in just a couple short months, I thought it might be a good time to check in. I remember being really nervous before my first SLC in 2010 - I was competing in HOSA Bowl and it’s certainly not the most low-stress of competitions. Suffice it to say that I sympathize with those of you who may be getting nervous.


Organic Chemistry “101”

Please resist the urge to immediately close this webpage! Of all the courses required of pre-health students, none is more dreaded than organic chemistry (also commonly known as o-chem or orgo). Most programs require two semesters (thus one full year) of this area of study, and for many students (myself included) it represents the most difficult year of college. In this post, I’ll talk about why I think that is, why I think it’s organic chemistry that’s most challenging specifically, and how I got through it.


Choosing a Major

When I prepare to write an article for this blog, I typically begin by going through the entries I have already made and determine if there are any “holes” in the information that I’m providing. I think about what else I might have wanted to know about the road toward a health career when I was in high schoolor college. Overall, I’m usually pleased with what I’ve written about so far and I find myself filling smaller and smaller gaps with more specific topics that were more personal to me. But not today!